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Affiliate Program

We offer a business opportunity for property owners and investors – let it be a vacant site or a garage – which disencumbers the people or companies being responsible for the sites, residents, the city traffic at the same time and accomplishing all this in a customized city parking place.



In lack of building permit or on the reason of investment scheduled for later Unused sites, vacant sites, unused garages can cause several problems for the owners. These can be, for example, reservation, maintenance and guarding costs, illegal waste disposal (as the site itself is nothing else than a rubbish bin in the eyes of the residents in many cases), which is the owner’s responsibility, let alone the fact that it ruins the overall picture of the environment in the present as well as in the future.

Technology /


As a result of a more than 10-year experience, we have developed a technology which converts a field considered ’problematical’ earlier to a useful, profitable and successful one. Thanks to this, we will change it, in no time, to be livable for the residents, to a place which is the base of creating a positive image for companies and private people, to a place which makes profit for the client company and for us ensuring the long-term synergy.



This is not the end of it. Taking the unique opportunities of the converted places raises the quality and standard as well as the enviromnental classification of the place even more in order that it can be the worthy outpost of future investment. What does it mean in practice? It means selective rubbish containers in Dob street, a 24-hour reception and CCTV in Vígszínház street, a car wash in Dessewffy street and a lot more.


We undertake the planning, the implementation and the operation of parking places and garages, the fulfilment of communication tasks towards the partners and the customers. Apart from these, we ensure the necessary human resources, the cleaning and guarding of the garages, that is the overall facility management based on the knowledge and experience we have gained from our operation since 1993, our online control system, our satisfied partners who helped us become marketleaders.

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„Park at us as a guest, and trust us as a partner„

For further information please make contact with us.